Footcare tips to run the NY City Marathon

Footware choice, toenails cut and sound footsteps, keys to success

Fotografía: Footcare tips to run the NY City Marathon » Diario Gol
Fotografía: Footcare tips to run the NY City Marathon » Diario Gol

As the New York City marathon gets closer in time, runners grow excited. The world’s top race is a yearly fixture sport fans from around the world would not want to miss out. Indeed, the NY City marathon is the most famed 42.915 kilometers-running fixture in the world. Up to 50,000 runners are expected to be in attendance.

However, healthcare experts warn that not everybody is fit enought to rise up to the challenge. Those willing to test their stamina should take special care of their feet, practicioners say. «It is much more than pronation or supination, really», Victor Alfaro said.

The podologist and podiatric biomechanics expert added: «Runners should have their running technique checked. The way they step is crucial to determine whether health issues may emerge in the future».

Support, guidance, training

At any rate, participants should undergo pre-effort and post-peak point checks. The double-pronged exam sheds light on how the running form affects performance. It is established that runners support three to four times their body weight in every stride. Consequently, practitioners urge them to keep their toenails clean-cut.

Alfaro, general manager of Podoactiva and official Real Madrid podiatrist urges novice athletes to test their equipment before they start. And so, footwear, socks, shorts, t-shirts and soles ought to be tried and tested before D-Day. «Nothing will be worn for the first time in the race», he notes.

In what regards nutrition and training, hopeful marathon runners are advised to team up with fitness trainers and nutritionists. «Participants are perfectly aware that if they are to make it to the last terminal, traning is essential. And marathon preparation starts a long time before kick-off», the expert adds.

New sponsor

Further information and tips can be found on the official website Top of the list is advice on training, mid-race hydration and suitable footwear and sportswear. On this occasion race officials have included ebola advice.

It should be noted that the New York City marathon boasts new official sponsor this year. Before, ING pulled out as main backer. The bank was replaced by TATA, which joined a long list of sponsors featuring the likes of Airbnb, Asics, The Rudin Family and United. TV cable channels ESPN and ACB7 are the race official broadcasters.

NY City officials estimate that the running event generates revenues of 250 million euros each year.