Messi 'steps' into neighbours' abode


Barça maestro sees construction process of his particular estate in Castelldefels kick off after minor row is solved

16 de abril de 2013 (11:14 CET)

Leo Messi has acquired a further pad in Castelldefels (Barcelona, Spain). But it is not a randonmly chosen abode, but a detached house sitting beside his. Behind the operation, as Diario Gol has exclusively found out, daily coexistence problems stand as reasons.

Messi is currenty living in the leafy Pedralbes quarter in Barcelona, in a pad he acquired in September last year. The Barcelona striker has relinquished to his own family the management of the Castelldefels property, which is now being done up and sits vacant. A constant bustle of bricklayers can be noticed, workers in charge of erecting an full-on estate that is to be laid out on a whole block.

Rodrigo, Messi's brother, has take the reigns and speaheaded talks to snap up the new property. A multi-million investment with a price tag to the tune of 1 million euros, which was completed a few months ago.

Trouble with neighbours

The former owners of these plots of land, which were sucked in by the current recession, were unable to pay for the mortgage they had contracted to buy the place. As debt piled up, they offered the area to his next-door neighbour, known for having a higher purchasing power: Leo Messi.

As the Messi family initially refused to buy, ailing owners decided to rent out some of the rooms. That resulted in an awful lot of strangers coming and going around the plush suburb, including around the maestro's property. In addition, that move meant that new tenants started to be nosy, as rude behaviour, such as playing loud music, began to be recorded, resulting in an unease by Messi's immediate relatives.

Lawsuit looms

The first response of the Messi family was not perhaps the wisest. They ordered for a dividing wall to be erected between the two houses so as to keep privacy for the renowned football player. But it turned out that the structure clashed against some local regulations, and the star's neighbours raised an official complaint. As they were being victimized in the eyes of the Law, they threatened the Argentinian family to take them to Court.

The situation had then started to escalate, and the Messi risked the player being embroiled in a legal row they did not need and losing public standing. And so, finally the player yield to his neighbours' demands and by means of his legal representation struck an agreement with the owners to purchase the property and put an end to the row.

An estate being erected

After swooping the bordering property, now the Messi family has set sights on a third dwelling that sits at the corner, which in turn would mean enlarging even further Messi's own estate in Castelldefels. Overall, they would represent just over two acres in one of Barcelona's most exclusive suburbs, with at least three properties developed within the plots.

Now, the immediate step seems to end refurbishment works at the player's initial property. Luca Tana, a construction company base in Barcelona, has set a deadline expiring next summer to revamp the pad, tasks that include a lifting on the swimming pool and re-cover the outdoor wall with a single layer coating. Then, the dividing wall is to be torn down, and the latest acquisition is to be done up. The icing on the cake would be refurbishing the property the family intends to buy, if finally this plush detached is bought.

Pictures: Víctor Malo