United sponsors nag the club to re-sign Cristiano


Chevrolet, Aon and Nike are to prop up the Glazers so that the Portuguese forward can be signed back, as the star keeps delaying his contract extension at Real

27 de febrero de 2013 (22:39 CET)

Manchester United is putting together a rescue plan to bring back Cristiano Ronaldo to Old Trafford. Three of the club sponsors, Chevrolet, Aon and Nike are putting pressure upon the Glazers -American family who owns the Mancunian club- to sign Real's coveted forward. The operation would have been given the go-ahead by the very Sir Alex Ferguson, the 'red devils' highest sporting authority.

Florentino Pérez, Real's president, has so far failed in his attempts to extend Cristiano's contract, a compromise expiring in 2015. To date, Ronaldo has been earning 14 million euros a year as wages, amount that is to be doubled when the player goes on to hand over 52pc of his income to the Spanish Exchequer in two years' time, instead of the current 24.75pc. Meanwhile, the star has been showing a conspicuous fervour for United over the last days.

Joel and Avram Glazer, mindful of Cristiano's willigness to play again in Old Trafford, are now seeking sources of funding. Chevrolet is hell-bent on turning the player into a new world-wide ambassador of the automobile brand, and is ready to take charge of the more than likely over-the-top contract; as the American trasnational Aon, main sponsor of the Mancunian side, has also given the green light to what they see as a landmark signing that could in turn bolster their company's image.

Image rights

Nike, sporting firm that makes up United sportswear, would also be exerting pressure to sign the football icon for a club that is currently ruling the Premier League with an iron fist and that last season boasted of a 395-million turnover, has learnt Diario Gol. The leading meanswear and couture company has never hidden its discomfort for the link between Cristiano Ronaldo and Real, side contractually tied to Adidas.

Similarly, United executives are conscious that Ronaldo is at loggerheads with Florentino Pérez, because the player is obliged to share 50pc of income stemming from his image rights with the club. The English side, however, is fully aware that they are facing a dear and complex signing. In 2009 the 'red devils' sold the player to the Spanish maestros for 94 million euros, an amount that the Mancunian side is not willing to match on the grounds of the current economic climate and the player's willingness to leave Madrid.

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