Ter Stegen forking out 9,000 euros a month for Barcelona gaff


Barça German targets plush property in leafy suburb of Castelldefels

Ter Stegen has moved into this breathtaking 9,000 euros a month villa | Diario Gol

05 de noviembre de 2014 (20:54 CET)

Marc-André Ter Stegen –born in Mönchengladbach, Germany- has a good taste for properties despite his young age. The 22 year old is in line for the Barça line-up against Ajax. After the match, Stegen will wind down in his 9,000 euros a month gaff in the elegant suburb of Castelldefels.

The player is considering buying a property in Catalonia, acquisition that will depend on his performance as Barça goalkeeper. Whatever his decision, Ter Stegen has earmarked 108,000 euros to pay for his new abode. The sum might seem pittance when compared to his annual wages of 4 million euros a year before tax.

The German keeper has targeted a plush villa in Castelldefels. The property is set next door to the ex-home of Alexis Sánchez. The Chilean quit the Catalan gigants to sign for Arsenal earlier this year. Both laid sights on the Rat Penat district in the coastal town.


Now, the German keeper has targeted the same residential area, sources said. The move bears no relationship with Alexis's preferences, Diario Gol understands.

Officially, the suburb is part of a small community called Les Botigues de Sitges, situated in the wider Sitges area. However, it is located closer to Castelldefels.

Many a Barça player has developed a liking for this area. Before, Cesc Fábregas moved to the tranquil suburb. The Catalan paid a full 5 million euros for a signature property nested in the slopes of a mountain range overlooking the seaside town.
The NBA player Marc Gasol also lives in the area.

Messi palace

Barça's top player is known to have acquired a property in Castelldefels. Leo Messi is struggling to find his stride this season. Off the pitch, the player has been cornered by the Spanish Exchequer. He will soon contest charges of tax evasion.

In fact, towns in the Barcelona shoreline are star-studded municipalities. The neighbouring town of Gavá is home to properties owned by Barça players Luis Suárez, Javier Mascherano and Rafa Alcántara.

Their coach Luis Enrique has also settled in the area after scouting out the Spanish real estate market.

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