Swiss prosecutor places Blatter amongst the corrupt


The authorities are opening an investigation surrounding the president of FIFA for false administration and misappropriation

25 de septiembre de 2015 (21:49 CET)

The Swiss authorities have placed Joseph Blatter amongst the corrupt. The Public Ministry of the Hermitic Confederation has opened a criminal charge against Blatter, president of FIFA, who is suspected of false administration and the abuse of confidence, according to an announcement made by the Prosecution.

Blatter is being interrogated at FIFA's headquarters by Switzerland's general prosecutor; there are even rumors that he made be arrested. A press conference with Blatter had been scheduled for this afternoon, but was cancelled without warning. The criminal proceedings were the reason for this.

Members of the Public Ministry interrogated Blatter, and, with the support of the Federal Police, registered the FIFA headquarters.

 "The Public Ministry of the Confederation (MPC) has opened criminal proceedings against the President of the International Federation of Association Football (FIFA) due to suspected false administration and the misappropriation of funds", stated the prosecutor's office in a report.

FIFA has released a report in which it makes it clear that it has been collaborating in the process since the 27th of May. It has also clearly stately that it will be making no further comments while the investigations are taking place."  

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