Messi buys vacant lot to extend swanky villa in Barcelona suburb


Argentinian maestro has splashed out 4 million euros to build plush estate

Víctor Malo

Leo Messi has acquired two vacant lots to extend his property. All rights reserved. Unlawful uses of these pictures will be reporte / Víctor Malo
Leo Messi has acquired two vacant lots to extend his property. All rights reserved. Unlawful uses of these pictures will be reporte / Víctor Malo

10 de noviembre de 2014 (21:52 CET)

Leo Messi continues to amaze on and off the pitch. The Argentinian soccer maestro is now proving that he is a wise real estate investor. The Barça forward has acquired a vacant lot in the suburb of Castelldefels, just outside the port city. The piece of ground will be used to extend the player's villa, Diario Gol understands.

It is believed that the operation was sealed a few months ago. It was conducted through one of the player's societies named Limecu España 2010 SA.

Messi's own palace, bought two years ago, will now be equipped with fitness room and a small sized football pitch. Before endeavouring the extension, the player instructed to carry out a refit on his adjacent villa.

Next, the player ordered to tear down the garden walls, so the two plots are now merged.

The operation to acquire the land patch amounted to a full million euros, sources said.

The player was able to seal the operation after reaching a settlement with his former neighbours. They were interested to sell the vacant lot. Eventually, the operation was brokered by Messi's brother Rodrigo.

Set for March completion

It has been reported that Messi has been granted two building permits to conduct the extension. The player applied for a renovation license on March 27, 2014. It was aimed at "extending end refurbishing a detached house". The authorisation is valid for a full year.

The second permit was granted on August 28, 2014. It gives six months to knock down the aging villa.

Once the player extends his property into these two parcels of land, Messi's gaff will span 10,000 square meters.

Before, the player started off by refitting his villa. To this end he called in the builder Luca-Tana SL. The renovation improved the edifice beyond recognition. Its façade brickwork was plastered in pristine white. It now displays glowing light beams visible at night. The pattern tops high walls and imponent dark gates.

Two million

The refit cost a full million euros, sources added. The sum will be dwarfed by this new extension, which will give the property access to a private gym and football pitch.

The project is now being drawn up by the architect's practice Irma Aleu. Luca-Tana SL also partakes in the design phase.
On completion, Leo Mesi will have splashed four million euros to erect his own estate.

However, the sum represents pittance for a player bagging 20 million euros a year after tax. Not even legal wrangles with the Spanish

Exchequer have dented the players' wherewithal. Tax officials have imposed fines of up to 40 to 50 million euros for alleged tax avoidance offences.

However, the star presses on with plans to live in the lap of luxury.

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