Guardiola and Mourinho's best Real meet their match in Tito Vilanova


Current Barça boasts of six more points than last season's Madrid and three more than Guardiola's side in 2010-11, to complete best ever first round

Tito Vilanova y José Mourinho se saludan antes de un Barça-Madrid

14 de enero de 2013 (20:07 CET)

Figures for Tito Vilanova's Barça are the best ever recorded in Spanish football history. They top those recorded by Guardiola's best Barça and Mourinho's best Real Madrid. ‘It is ridiculous', admitted the current Barça coach, following an away win (3-1) in Málaga that was the icing on the cake for the first round of the Spanish Primera División, a near-perfect stage, snapping up 55 out of 57 possible points.

Vilanova, outstanding strategist of the best ever Barça, predicted on 15th of July that he was always to lose all possible comparison with Guardiola. He proved to be wrong. As for now, the Catalan side is the undisputed leader on the Liga overall standings, showing a hair-raising sequence of 18 wins and a draw, 64 scored goals for 20 conceded. And, above all, amassing 55 points, three above the notch made by the until-then best ever Barça in 2010-11, which had completed their best ever first round. It was Guardiola's third season at the sporting helm of Barça and Mourinho's first attempt at Madrid's.

The current Barça is ahead of itself a year later by 11 points, last season's side losing away in Getafe and having drawn up to five times against Real Sociedad, Valencia, Sevilla, Athletic and Espanyol before the Christmas break. A year ago, Real Madrid could have hardly bragged about its 49 points in 19 matches, having lost two fixtures (Levante and Barça) and drawn against Racing. Mourinho's maestros, however, had scored three more goals: 67.

Messi's 28 goals and Pique's sturdiness

Suffering over the first round of matches and dictatorial since two months ago, Tito Vilanova's Barça has also six more points than the first ever Guardiola side, that wound up winning six out of six possible trophies in 2009: Copa del Rey, Liga, Champìons League, Supercopa de España and the FIFA Club World Cup. Then, the Catalan side showed off with 12 more points than Juande Ramos's Real, who had just replaced Bernd Schuster. To-day, the Catalans are ahead by 18 points.

Tito's Barça has scored three more goals than the best Guardiola's, due to playing a less crafted football but a rather straight-to-the-point decisive one, a shift evidenced by Cesc Fabregas's remarkable performance and, above all, by Leo Messi's outstanding spell, who is improving by the day. The Argentinian giant, showing 28 goals (1.4 per match on average), is in a position of breaking all La Liga standing records. His own 50 goals last season, precisely. Regarding the team's defending line, the side has won in stability since Gerard Pique's comeback.

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