Exclusive pics: Luis Suárez moves to 2.3M gaff


Striker switches fan-guarded Castelldefels for 12k-a-month property in quiet suburb in Gavà

Balcón con vistas al mar de la casa de Luis Suárez en Gavà | Diario Gol

25 de septiembre de 2014 (17:45 CET)

Luis Suárez sought to dodge the public scrutiny after making the headlines for the bad reasons in recent months. The striker, who is barred out of the pitch by a ban expiring on October 25, has moved out of his parents' property in Castelldefels. His new abode is a 2.3-million-euros gaff straddling the waterfront in Gavà (Barcelona).

However, the player is not planning to take out a mortgage any time soon. The player's soulmate Sofia Balbi was reportedly scouting out the market for a 600 sqm villa in either Gavà or Castelldefels. The young couple had laid 2.5 million euros aside to pay upfront.

Their efforts were in vain, because they couldn't find a property meeting the requirements. In the end the Uruguayan striker and his wife targeted a walled community which counted the Barça player Michael Reiziger as one of its residents in the past. Precisely, the Dutch sold off his property earlier this year, Diario Gol has found.

Media and fans pressure 

Living in the top-notch community comes at a price. The player will fork out 10,000 to 12,000 euros a month for a property spanning 360 sqm. The three-storey villa is connected by a design elevator and has it own private pool.

Also, the five-bedroom pad includes a spacious attic, basement and a parking capable of accommodating three high-range vehicles.

That said, it is believed that the player was not dazzled by the state-of-the-art property. Diario Gol understands that he was in a rush to leave the Can Bou district, where journalists and fans were staked out round-the-clock.

The Gavà community

The 'lone gunman', as the striker is known, or the 'vampire' or 'cannibal' after his antics on the pitch during the last World Cup, will make a debut on Wednesday. The Catalan giants' junior side are facing the Indonesian under-19 national team.

Barça's coach Luis Enrique also owns a property in Gavà Mar, a coveted area in which several Barça players live. Before, Neymar Jr had also set sights on this suburb before opting for an 18k-a-month luxury flat in Pedralbes, Barcelona.

Still, Javier Mascherano, Leo Messi's parents, Rafa Alcántara and the likes of Víctor Valdés, Seydou Keita and Juan Román Riquelme (former players) own a property in the area.

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