Barça bringing in more on the door compared to two years ago


Bartomeu's club made 47.6 million euros during the last season thanks to matches at Camp Nou

01 de octubre de 2015 (17:37 CET)

Barcelona FC brought in 47.6 million euros via the Camp Nou ticket office during the last season, nearly 300,000 euros less than in 2013, in spite of smashing the collection record for the League and Champions games. The reason, the club's absence in the Spanish Super Cup, the tournament in which it made six million via matches against Real Madrid in 2011 and 2012.

Josep Maria Bartomeu's club divides turnover from the ticket office into four matches: League, the King's Cup, the Champion's and finally the Joan Gamper Trophy and the Super Cup.

League and Champions record

Barça brought in 31.7 million euros from the 19 League matches held at Camp Nou. During the 2013-14, season, the club made 28.5 million euros, not having reached 27 million euros during the two previous campaigns. 

The takings from the Champions also reached a historic high. Last season, Barça played six matches at Camp Nou. Three from the group stage and second-phase matches, quarterfinals and semifinals. In total, the club brought in 12.4 million euros. One year before, the figure stood at 7.2 million euros. As such, Barça only got as far as the quarter final, the qualifying match in which they were eliminated by Atlético de Madrid.   

The King's Cup, the least profitable tournament

On the other hand, Barça made 1.4 million during the King's Cup, almost double the takings for 2013, but half and less than in 2011 and 2012, respectively.

Takings from the League constitute 67% of the total, while the income obtained by the Champions represents 26%. The King's Cup is the least profitable tournament, with barely 3% of the total box office sales.

Barça, likewise, brought in 48.6 million euros via the club's associates and subscribers, and 162 million euros through the top team's television rights and professional sections.  

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