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El bikini de hilo de Jennifer López lía la de Dios en horas: ¡Atención a esto!


La imagen de la diva del Bronx que se hace viral y que arrasa en la red

26 de febrero de 2020 (10:30 CET)

Jennifer López se mantiene muy bien a sus 50 años. La cantante norteamericana es una de las celebrities más atractivas del panorama internacional. Lo era desde muy joven y por mucho que pasen los años sigue siendo una referencia para muchas it girls. Y también muchas seguidoras.

Para conseguirlo, la diva del Bronx dedica muchas horas a practicar ejercicio en el gimnasio. Suele posar desde el centro que frecuenta en instantáneas que cuelga en su cuenta de Instagram.

JLo también sigue una alimentación equilibrada, libre de azúcares y grasas, que contribuye a que la artista pueda presumir de cuerpazo en las redes. La cantante diseña codo a codo con su nutricionista la dieta a seguir para mantener un tipo trabajado y perfilado.

Jennifer López presume de tipazo

Es así como después la artista latina puede presumir en su cuenta de Instagram con instantáneas como la que compartimos a continuación, en la que aparece posando en traje de baño y alardeando de cuerpazo. Una instantánea que ha sumado más de 8 millones de “likes”, y que ha generado un efecto de viralización brutal.


Relaxed and recharged. 🤍

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El reto JLo

Todo lo empezó, Maria Kang, fundadora de la comunidad de fitness No Excuse Mom. La entrenadora compartió en su cuenta una imagen muy similar a la de Jennifer Lopez, acompañada del hashtag #jlochallenge, y acompañada del siguiente mensaje: ""No soy una celebrity. No gano millones por estar espectacular en una película (¡hola, Hustlers) o salir con un deportista atractivo (¡aunque mi marido también está bien!) pero no importa. Sé la dueña de tu historia. No inventes excusas por tu inacción. Si ella puede hacerlo, si yo puedo hacerlo, si miles de madres trabajadoras de todos los tallas, figuras y edades pueden hacerlo, entonces ¡tú puedes hacerlo!".

Tras la publicación del post, sus seguidoras han querido apuntarse al reto y hacer un tributo a JLo, compartiendo en sus cuentas de Instagram fotos en las que posan tal cual lo hace Jennifer, como hizo Kang.


I am a 37 year old wife, mother, business owner and a proud member of the #noexcusemom community ~ joining in on the empowering movement of spreading body positivity with the #jlochallenge. As hard as it was to take this picture & share it to the world..because let’s face it, we ALL can be very hard on ourselves & can nit pick all damn day on what we don’t like & what we would change. But there’s a point in our lives where we have to accept that we all come in different SHAPES & SIZES and embrace the stage that we are in. I’m choosing to love my body because it gave birth to 2 healthy + beautiful children (now 16 & 13) and has gone through many changes 👋🏽 *hello stretch marks* and will keep evolving because I won’t stop working on me. I will continue to take care of myself and NOT make excuses on why I’m not taking care of myself, but instead finding REASONS. Because my children & my family deserves a healthier happier mother! I’m so very thankful to have the support & encouragement that I receive from my No Excuse Mom community, my family, & friends. I challenge you to share your bathroom selfie and help empower other women around the world to do the same, what are YOU waiting for??? #NEMworthington #happierhealthier #nomoreexcuses #filterfree #inspired #mompreneur

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Let’s proudly share our bathroom selfies in workout clothes/swimsuits with the world! If Jennifer Lopez can do it, we can do it! Regardless of age, size or shape, we CAN be healthy! Join the #jlochallenge and tag friends to also #bringit 👊🏽 follow the hashtags to see many beautiful strong women proud of their bodies. This is 32, a body that created 3 wonderful kids, that has gone through 1 c-section, appendicitis & emergency lacerated intestine from a horrible car accident. Exercise and being active has saved my life. Own your story. Create your own accountability. Don't make excuses for your inaction. If she can do it, if I can do it, if thousands of working moms who come in all sizes, shapes and ages can do it - then YOU CAN DO IT!!!⁣ Post your #bathroomselfie and tag 3 friends who can bring it like #noexcusemom #whatsyourexcuse #nemuvaldetx #nemlove2020 #healthstartsathome #survivor #healthybodyhealthymind #swimsuit #confidenceisbeauty #uvaldetx #uvaldecounty #uvalde #texas #southtexas #hillcountrytexas #hillcountry #scars #mom #jlo

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Un challenge que demuestra que la belleza no está solo en el trabajo en el gimnasio o en la alimentación sana. También en lo guapa que se sienta cada una. 


I am 32 years young! I have 3 beautiful daughters with my amazing husband @p.r._bean who has supported me through everything! I want to be the best me I can be and that means #selfcare. I want to be there for my family and I can’t do that if I’m not at my best. My kids are not my excuses, they are my reason. Being healthy matters to our family and it should matter to everyone. Be happy and treat yourself with #love and #care. Thank you @jlo for inspiring this spontaneous pic this morning. Our lives doesn’t have to end when we become mothers, it adds to it. 🙌 We are moms, we’re capable of doing anything we set our minds to. Own your story. Create your own accountability. Don't make excuses for your inaction. If she can do it, if I can do it, if thousands of working moms who come in all sizes, shapes and ages can do it - then YOU CAN DO IT!!! Post your bathroom selfie and tag 3 friends who can proudly bring it like #jlo #jlochallenge #noexcusemom #whatsyourexcuse #nemlosangeles #fitfam #fitmom #noexcuses #losangeles #explorepage #abc7eyewitness

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So @jlo shared a selfie in a bikini to share how strong she was and it kicked off a #jlochallenge which involves posting a picture of yourself in a bikini. That’s a challenge I can get behind because a) I have a body ✅ b) I also own a bikini (or two) ✅ and c) I too am 50. ✅I spent the bulk of my teen years and early twenties so self conscious of my body I would never be seen in a bikini. That noise doesn’t exist for me anymore and more than anything I’d like that noise not to exist for any woman, of any size, and any age. So post a pic, don’t post a pic but please don’t shrink into the corners. Hold your heads high because you are so much more than you give yourself credit for. 🙌 And yes, I am TOTALLY giving myself this pep talk in my head 😂😂 Also, this is a damn fine beach in Cape Breton called Ingonish and you should go. Thank you for coming to my TED talk. #thisis50 #bodypositive #bodyconfidence #healthylifestyle

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